MLB Fantasy Bet Types

Betting on fantasy MLB is hugely popular since there are so many games each season, which means that there are a lot of chances to wager. This is why it is important to know and understand all of your possibilities. If you only stick to straight bets on the game lines, then you will not be getting all you can out of a sportsbook. In fact, when it comes to fantasy MBL betting, the game lines are not nearly as important as player props, for example. You will learn all about the different types of fantasy MLB bets in this article.

We are going to cover the gamut of MLB wager types for fantasy sports players. You will learn about single bets on the game lines, props, and futures, and how they can be beneficial to the fantasy MLB player. You will also learn about a great MLB betting site that offers numerous bet types.

Prop And Future Betting For Fantasy Players

Betting on the props can be a great way to get more out of a game, and since fantasy MLB players generally know a lot about the athletes, they will have an edge up over the general betting public. We are talking about team, game, score, and especially player props. Fantasy bettors can look at the player props for a game to see who the bookmaker favors. If you have created a great team, you can wager on the individual players accomplishments. MLB fantasy sports bettors can also get a lot out of MLB props by evaluating projections, line shopping, knowing information such as injuries, and just generally being a nerd about baseball. Props let you add a lot of action to your fantasy rosters by getting industry odds on player’s projections for RBI’s, home runs, and much more. This can not only make you money, it can help you achieve putting together the best team possible with your salary cap.

Player props can reflect an entire season, such as how many home runs Miguel Cabrera will make, or pitcher wins for Yu Darvish. These player props are generally over/unders, and fantasy players can flex their knowledge to win a lot of money. There are also vs. player prop bets, which pitch two players against each other for some kind of accomplishment, such as whether Kenley Jansen will make more pitcher saves than Huston Street.

If you have a gut feeling that a middling team will make it to the World Series, getting in on the future odds could be amazingly profitable. By betting so early, you will get the best prices on each team. As the games get closer, the odds generally even out. Futures also reward fantasy players that do their homework.

Single Bets On 5-Inning Lines

5-inning odds are excellent for fantasy players because they generally reward bettors who do their research. You can evaluate starting pitchers this way, whether or not the bookmaker puts them as favorites or underdogs for the first half of the game. Just like with props, 5-inning lines can help influence your fantasy decisions. If the Yankees hold the best record in the Majors but the record of their first 5-innings doesn’t look so hot, you can bet against the Yankees and get an underdog price. You can then wager on the Yank’s for the second half of the game, and probably do well. MLB fantasy sports betting sites offers odds on the first 5-innings, and then reset for the rest of the game. As many of you know, a lot of favored teams with winning records tend to do better towards the end of the game. This is where betting on the outright winner and betting on the “first half” winner can make for a big difference.

Single Bets On The Game Lines

While you can make a straight wager on any odds type, the most common are the game lines. These can tell you who to pick (if you believe the bookmaker’s odds) for your MLB fantasy team. By seeing which team is favored in a game, you can usually trust that some star players will come from that team. For fantasy MLB betting purposes, you can use the money line, and all of the game lines, to help you leverage how teams are doing.

In baseball, the money line tends to be the most popular line to bet on. This is because you are wagering on the outright winner of the game without any handicaps being applied. Because of this, the favorite will always payout less than the underdog. Since there are so many games throughout a season, and even the best teams tend to lose about 40% of the time, there are more chances for underdog victories in the MLB.

Run lines and over/unders are less popular than the moneyline when it comes to straight wagers on the game lines, but they are still very much worth looking in to. The run line puts a spread on a game, usually around 1.5. While the Red Sox might be -200 on the money line, their odds could be longer with having to win by 1.5 runs. Fantasy MLB sports bettors can leverage their teams by looking at how different sportsbooks handicap the odds. The over/under (totals) allows you to wager against the bookmaker on whether the combined total score of a game will be over or under a certain number. A total such as 8.5 o/u might be listed for a game, and one side is usually favored over the other (so you would have to bet more to win the same amount as you would if you bet less on the less-favored side).

Great MLB Fantasy Sports Betting Sites

Now that you are aware of how the MLB sportsbook odds can add a lot to your fantasy gaming, it is time to check out a great MLB fantasy betting sites that offers the most up-to-date odds on every game throughout the season. This site gets its futures before most of the competition, and generally has pages of player props for each game. If you are wondering if MLB fantasy betting is legal, be assured it's safe, legal, and free to join.

Bovada MLB Fantasy Sportsbook

Fast-Action Fantasy Betting Types for your Team

If you have bet on the MLB online before, you are probably very aware of Bovada. It is the most popular sports betting site for American players, and it gets its Vegas MLB odds from the world’s best oddsmakers. Fantasy players will be in props heaven, as the site generally has many pages of player and team prop odds for each game. Also, creating parlays, round robins, and other more complicated wager types is insanely easy here. Just add the bets you want to your slip, and Bovada will do the rest for you with helpful drop down menus.

Joining Bovada today would be a wise decision because they are offering a first deposit bonus worth up to $250. That is free money that Bovada will add to your sports betting account, and you can use it to wager on any and all MLB games this season. Bovada’s first deposit bonus also has very low rollover requirements, which are the amount of times you must wager the bonus amount before you can withdraw your winnings. Since there are so many MLB games throughout the season, no one will have a problem meeting the requirements and cashing out their winnings.

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