MLB Fantasy Betting

MLB fantasy betting is very popular due to the fact that there are so many games played each year. Fans can get their fill by wagering on their fantasy rosters for all 162 games throughout the season. There are MLB fantasy betting websites out there now that offer numerous player proposition lines that allow you to wager on statistics and fantasy scenarios that cover a very wide range of options. Using these sites, you will actually be able to place bets on odds that reflect real MLB games instead of simply entering contests and leagues where your team earns you points or prizes. You can wager real cash on real games, and it adds a whole new level of excitement because you have even more incentive to track each of your players’ stats since you can make real money on them.

This page will show you how to do all of this, and more importantly – where. We are going to give you reviews of a few MLB fantasy sports betting sites that tower over the rest, and generally accept players from all 50 U.S. states. We will also show you the difference between fantasy sports and fantasy betting, and show you why wagering on MLB fantasy sports is legal.

How To Partake In MLB Fantasy Betting

With over 2,000 games per season, MLB fantasy betting offers a lot of bang for the buck. This is why it is one of the most popular forms of fantasy sports betting around. With so many games, there are thousands of proposition bets that will be available for you. We have played at most sports betting sites, and have found that a handful of them tower over the competition when it comes to how many fantasy betting options they offer.

Bovada MLB Fantasy Sportsbook

Fast-Action Betting for your Fantasy MLB Team

Upon joining Bovada, we found that they cover every aspect game throughout the MLB season. While some say that the time period between the NBA and NFL season is fairly dull and uninteresting, Bovada has proven that MLB season is one of the best times for betting. The site offers the ability to bet on nearly anything that happens in the game, including individual player props. The sportsbook is also easy to use, which is a major plus when it comes to betting on a game fast.

Bovada provides a $250 unlimited match bonus, which is added on top of your deposit the first time you make an account. Bovada makes it easy to add funds to your account with a variety of methods including include VISA, MasterCard, Western Union, MoneyGram, and NETeller in nations outside of the USA. Bovada is open to players all over the world, and you can be one of them today.

BetOnline MLB Fantasy Sportsbook

Put Your Fantasy Teams and Players to the Test!

BetOnline has also decided to offer their players a form of fantasy betting, and they provide MLB fans with a large number of different options. You will see that the MLB is one of the top priorities through BetOnline’s bookmakers. You will find player props and throughout the season for all 162 games, and the action never ceases. Whether you are a hardened fantasy sports bettor or new to the game, this site will assuredly keep you entertained and, hopefully, wealthy.

BetOnline offers a wide range of different bonuses and perks, all based upon how much you decide to deposit. You will be able to collect up to 25% on top of your initial deposit up to $1,000, but this is dependent on you making a fairly significant deposit on the first go. Wire transfers, credit cards, and electronic check transfers can all be used to make payments through BetOnline, and they now offer eWallet methods such as Bitcoin. Sign up today, and see what real MLB fantasy sports betting is all about.

SportsBetting MLB Fantasy Sportsbook

Great Selection of Wager Types for Fantasy Play

Another sportsbook we have found to be a high quality site is SportsBetting. This site is a top choice for a variety of reasons. They give their players multiple choices on everything, including how to bet on MLB games. You will have handy MLB fantasy betting types like futures, player props, and game lines on every single event throughout the season, and one look at their sportsbook will show you that they mean business. They aren’t named “SportsBetting” for nothing.

You can chose between multiple deposit methods and a great deposit bonus at SportsBetting. Cash wire transfers, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Bitcoin transfers, and many more options are all available through SportsBetting’s cashier. A 50% match bonus up to $500 can be collected, depending on how much you deposit. In terms of fantasy MLB betting, SportsBetting has managed to remain one of the most comprehensive and diverse betting sites available.

5Dimes MLB Fantasy Sportsbook

Player Props for Your Fantasy Team

5Dimes is a premier sports betting site that offers everything anyone could want for MLB fantasy wagering. Once you create your team for a game, or series of games, you can head to 5Dimes sportsbook and take a look at all of the odds and lines for every game throughout the season. You can wager real money on player props, futures, game lines, and wacky props as well. There will always be some great odds to bet on throughout the MLB year.

5Dimes is now offering a free bonus to every member that joins today, and it is called reduced juice. This cuts the general amount of vigorish that a sportsbook takes off the top in half. By generally charging about 5% juice, 5Dimes is slicing the top off of the industry standard, and you will be saving a lot of money in the process. Choose 5Dimes if you are looking for a superior MLB sportsbook.

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The Difference Between Fantasy Betting And Fantasy Sports

The main difference between fantasy sports contests/leagues and fantasy betting is the notion that one is skill based, and the other isn’t. This is a relative and objective statement, but it is the way it is seen by lawmakers and gaming authorities. Traditional fantasy sports require you to create a team based on your knowledge of the teams and players, and this is definitely a skillful pursuit. You must average a salary cap and act as an MLB drafter and head coach in order to create as good a team as you can. No one would deny that there is skill involved here, and that is why fantasy sports is considered skill based.

Fantasy betting, to some, is considered more chance based. This mainly has to do with the fact that you don’t have any sway over the outcome of a game. Since you are wagering money on how players and teams do during real games throughout the season, you are not actually using your knowledge to create your own team. Instead, you are wagering on real teams and real games. However, many argue that knowing how well players are doing so you can pick the right bets does involve skill. There is a lot of controversy surrounding sports betting in America right now, and one of the big fights that is going on is to try and alter the specification that fantasy sports wagering falls under the definition of “chancel based”, like roulette, craps, and other casino-type games.

Is MLB Fantasy Sports Betting Legal?

As long as you are using a trusted and reputable fantasy sports betting site, then yes, it is definitely legal. The thing to be aware of and remember is that, as of now, there are hardly any real-world fantasy sports betting options in America. However, sites like the ones that we review operate overseas, but are able to accept and serve players from the USA. This may sound fishy or odd, but it has been this way since the 90’s. These sites are the only way the majority of MLB fans in the USA can best on fantasy sports. The laws that exist here only deny the right of states to set up their own sports betting establishments. They do not prevent you from wagering at legal sites, such as the ones that we review. Therefore, yes, MLB fantasy sports betting is legal, you just have to go to the right fantasy websites to do it.